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Your Brain and Religion with Dr. Andrew Newberg

In this episode, Mike and Eric are joined by Neurotheology Researcher Dr. Andrew Newberg.

Relationship Wellness with Ken Blackman

In this episode, Mike and Eric are joined by Relationship Coach Ken Blackman.

How to Vacation Like an Entrepreneur

In this episode, Mike and Eric tell us what it’s like to vacation as entrepreneurs.

Medical Herbalism with Lily Canetty-Clarke

In this episode, Mike and Eric are joined by Medical Herbalist, Lily Canetty-Clarke.

Learning About the Feldenkrais Method with Anastasi Siotas

In this episode, Mike and Eric are joined by Guild Certified Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer, Anastasi Siotas.

Hot & Cold Therapy

In this episode, Mike and Eric tell us about their experiences with hot and cold therapy as well as different methods and benefits.

Everyday Minimalism

In today’s episode, Mike and Eric talk us through the practicality and benefits of minimalism in our everyday life.

Finding Balance with your Digital Devices

In this episode, Mike and Eric provide some advice on how to find balance with our smartphone and social media usage.

Finding Your Purpose

In our conversation with Rob we go over his life journey and transition between careers, talk about tips to transition between careers, neuro-linguistic programming and how to find a coach for your specific needs.

Lessons in Stoicism

In this episode, Mike and Eric dive into Stoic Philosophy and its practical application in our modern society.

Pros and Cons of Perfectionism

Mike and Eric discussed pros and cons of perfectionism, the difference between satisficers and maximizers and finding the right partner in business and in life.

An Introduction to NLP

This time we're joined by Vesela Pehlivanova, a life and career coach, hypnotist, NLP trainer, and mindfulness and meditation teacher. In our conversation we discuss what NLP is all about and who it is for, the benefits of hypnosis and connecting with your unconscious mind, and how to get started with NLP. Vesela will also guide us through a self-hypnosis exercise you can use immediately!

Nutrition and Diet Recommendations

Mike and Eric share some of their nutrition tips and talk about various diet recommendations and food guidelines.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy While Working from Home

This episode is all about how to maintaining proper posture while working from a computer, regardless of if you're sitting or standing. Specifically, we discuss exercises, routines, and how to work with physical therapists.

An Introduction to Mindfulness with Anna Loveridge

An open discussion with mediation and mindfulness expert Anna Loveridge. We discuss her journey into yoga and meditation, silent days and retreats, affirmations, dealing with trauma, and how you can get started with mindfulness and meditation.

Meditation for Beginners

Want to know why you should meditate and how to start? Then this episode is just for you! We talk about what has worked and not worked for us over the last few years and what to do when you get stuck.

How to be Productive and Manage Distractions When Working From Home

Based on 25+ years of combined remote working experience, Eric and Mike discuss how to productively work from home, manage distractions, optimize your workspace, communicate with your colleagues, and the value of routines.

How to Perfect Your Evening Routine for a Better Night's Sleep

Mike and Eric discuss their evening routines and sleep hacks. Evening routines are essential for two things: wrapping up our day and, ultimately, getting an amazing night’s sleep.

Why Creating a Meaningful Morning Routine Sets You Up for Success

All about morning routines: what's working for us now, why we got started, and how you can start while setting yourself up for success.

What is The Wholistique Show?

Where we tell you in 30 second what The Wholistique Show is all about.

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