Hot & Cold Therapy

In this episode, Mike and Eric tell us about their experiences with hot and cold therapy as well as different methods and benefits.

Hot and cold therapy involves alternately exposing the body to both very high and very low temperatures. This can be achieved by a cold shower, hot bath, dry sauna, or ice bath. There are many benefits of this type of therapy for the body and mind including relaxation, energy, and immunity. In today’s episode, Mike and Eric talk about different ways to integrate this beneficial therapy into your daily routine.

Key Topic Timestamps
  • 02:40 - Eric’s early morning cold plunge to wake the system up
  • 04:15 - Integrating cold water into your morning routine
  • 07:35 - Using hot and cold therapy to enhance your mood 
  • 08:25 - Enhancing your experience with music, essential oils, books, or candles
  • 11:50 - Mental clarity and physical benefits 
  • 13:50 - Where Eric got his start with this therapy (Tim Ferris & Wim Hof Podcast)
  • 15:10 - Eric’s article about hot & cold therapy (The Ultimate Guide to Cold Showers)
  • 17:00 - All about ice baths
  • 19:40 - How Mike got into hot and cold therapy
  • 20:25 - Hot and cold therapy all around the world & protocols
  • 32:50 - Science of hot and cold therapy 
  • 41:10 - Ease into it, listen to your body, and find what’s right for you
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