Your Brain and Religion with Dr. Andrew Newberg

In this episode, Mike and Eric are joined by Neurotheology Researcher Dr. Andrew Newberg.

What goes on in our brain during prayer and meditation? The study of neurotheology seeks to understand this. Through various research methods, including neuroimaging, experts have been able to see both short and long term changes in the brain resulting from meditation, prayer, and mindfulness. In today’s episode, we learn about Dr. Andrew Newberg’s research on the relationship between the brain and religious experiences.

Key Topic Timestamps
  • 01:00 - What is neurotheology?
  • 09:05 - What happens in the brain during meditation, prayer, mindfulness experiences?
  • 14:00 - Differences in religious vs. non-religious activity
  • 17:05 - Group rituals vs. private setting
  • 20:45 - Mindfulness in religious and spiritual contexts
  • 23:35 - Long term neurological benefits of these practices
  • 28:15 - Psychoactive substance approach to enlightenment and spirituality
  • 35:05 - Permanent enlightenment
  • 39:55 - Andrew’s personal experience with enlightenment
  • 45:25 - Recommendations and practical applicability
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